Message from Dr  Adam Boies:

Real-world vehicle emissions have garnered interest recently, owing to the
difference between laboratory tests and on-road measurements. Detailed
vehicle models are possible, so emissions are known for various engine
speeds and load maps. Maps are now obtainable for each vehicle using
portable emission measurement systems (PEMS). The high time resolution data
allows for emissions to be modelled by means of synthesizing emissions maps
from the second-by-second PEMS data. This project extends our existing
methodology to commercialize algorithms that can be used by industrial

We are looking for a high-powered post-doctoral researcher to help develop
the existing capabilities of producing maps from on-road data; assist
software commercialization with the Freight Transport Association and link
Cambridge and FTA to improve the engine mapping and vehicle modelling
software for purposes of commercialization. It is expected that the
researcher will disseminate results in high-impact academic journals,
conferences and meetings. 

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