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Greetings all,

I wonder if anyone can direct me to good medieval primary or secondary sources on Lapidaries? A student is interested in doing a project on them, and her resources are limited, so any references to good studies of medieval (or classical, or early modern) stone-lore (science or pseudo-science) would be welcome. She is aware of Marbod of Rennes Liber Lapidum/Liber De Gemmis - has it been translated (to English or French)? and she will of course see what Isidore has to say. There appears to be little on the topic in Icelandic mss, but there is one published one with two pages on stones. Some of them are easy enough to guess, others less so. My guesses are below - 'Gerathises'  defeats me completely! If anyone knows what these stones are, or of alternative spellings under which they might appear, we would very much appreciate it?


Ematistus   Amethyst

Crisopatius  Chrysophase


Magnetis  Magnet

Adamantes  Adamant

Allectorius ? Electrum ?

Celdonius ? Chalcedony ?

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