UKeiG is pleased to announce the reiteration of a successful one-day course
on "Advanced Knowledge Management: Strategy & Digital Implementation" at
CILIP's headquarters in the heart of London on Thursday 29th March 2018.

This advanced course explores in depth KM strategic planning and how to
implement KM platforms effectively in the digital workplace. It will help
you to articulate an organisational business plan to champion and start you
on the road to a pervasive and successful KM culture in your organisation.
It emphasises the more enterprise-level aspects of Knowledge Management and
is a more advanced course than Dion's "Practical Knowledge Management for
Information Professionals" (next iteration of PKM for IPs will be 27 April

Who should attend?

*KM practitioners and managers who want to take their skills and knowledge
to the next level
*Senior managers with responsibility for knowledge mobilisation and sharing
initiatives who need an enterprise-centric view of KM
*Senior professional services staff outside of library and information
services (IT, Finance, Communications, HR, for example) who require a
strategic overview of KM implementation issues
*Digital librarians and information professionals

This course, led by Dion Lindsay, a KM consultant and trainer with an
intimate understanding of how KM is currently being considered in the
workplace, will show you how to plan strategically and implement modern
Knowledge Management for your organisation.

Topics covered include:
*Knowledge management principles and standards
*KM software, platforms and systems
*Types of KM strategies and maturity models
*Organisational learning and the role of knowledge in decision making
*Knowledge mapping
*Communities – for customers, suppliers and the organisation

By the end of the course you will be able to:

*Assess the work environment in which your KM strategy will need to thrive
*Appraise and critique marketing material for current KM platforms and
*Judge the feasibility and "stickability" of KM pilots, programmes and
*Measure the progress of KM initiatives against expectations and realistic
*Partner with IT and Communications departments for win-win strategies

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