Brief for Evaluation Consultant 



Roundhouse Birmingham is a pioneering partnership between the Canal & River
Trust and the National Trust, to bring an important Birmingham landmark back
to life. We want to conserve and sustain Roundhouse and engage people in it
through a model of partnership, participation and enterprise. It will house
a number of businesses, including a visitor attraction business, and will
play a role in the local community. The Grade II* listed building is a
beautiful, striking and rare circular landmark overlooking the mainline
canal in the centre of Birmingham, part of its industrial heritage and at
the heart of the Ladywood community and regenerating waterside. This
important project would not be possible without the support of the Heritage
Lottery Fund, who awarded the project a Heritage Enterprise grant of nearly
£2.5m in July 2017. We are aiming to formally launch the Roundhouse in
October 2018 following a period of capital works and public activity that
will build the profile and popularity of this special place.



We would like you to provide insight based on analysis of data and the
research you carry out that provide an understanding of: 

1. How change is happening (or not) in relation to our desired project
outcomes, and how effectively the project has met its objectives 

2. The impact of our activity, expected and unexpected 

3. How the project meets the national outcomes of partners (NT, CRT, HLF) 

4. The impact of the NT/CRT partnership and this model of enterprise 

5. How we may do things differently on future projects/lessons we can share
with the sector 


We would like you to: 

6. Help create an evaluation framework for the project and internal culture
which helps build confidence in evaluation methods among the Roundhouse team
in order that it becomes part of everyday practice and not an extra thing to
do. Revisit evaluation within the Activity Statement to ensure we have the
best techniques for the respective activities and audiences 

7. Help us learn as we go, so that evaluation helps us to improve throughout
the project 

8. Help us ensure that we meet HLF evaluation requirements in relation to
the activity and business plans and push us to keep revisiting our desired
outcomes and ambition for the project 

9. Help us shape our own internal review process, with partners and



10. An agreed evaluation plan and work plan 

11. A series of workshops at key points in the project for purposes of
review and adaptation 

12. Rationalise and complete our detailed evaluation framework 

13. Create a set of questions that will live in the minds of the project
team and that will be answered through your assessment (this may be based on
the framework) 

14. A summative report after the project has ended, making this accessible
and digestible for a range of audiences. An interim report is required at
the end of year 1. 


Your proposal 


We would like you to set out your approach to the brief and highlight your
particular strengths, skills and relevant areas of experience. We want to
know why you want this job. We want to get a sense of how you will work with
us, how much of you we will see and when. Please provide a breakdown of the
budget and two references from similar pieces of work you have carried out.
Excluding C.Vs and case studies, we would like you to do this within 4 sides
of A4. 

Any queries should be addressed to [log in to unmask] 

Deadline: 14th March 2018


Please see full brief attached.



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