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Mr Caspar Menkman (The Programmable City, Maynooth University), Ms. Aoife Delaney (The Programmable City, Maynooth University and visiting Fulbright scholar, Urban Planning and Community Development, University of Massachusetts Boston)

Recently academics have taken notice of the limited attention that is paid to the role of publics in corporate and critical smart city discourses (Shelton et al., 2015, Cardullo and Kitchin, 2017). Despite the initial promise of a technologically empowered or 'smart' citizenry, academics attention has principally focussed on the powerful, rational, and universal ideals offered by smart technologies. As a result thick analyses wherein publics interact with these technologies have been lacking. While the early insights have proven crucial in framing the discourse on smart cities along the lines of neoliberal development, we find that there is ample room to complement the macro-view with perspectives that show regard for technological and social complexities connected to the integration of digital technologies - sensors, actuators, apps, and platforms - as part of everyday conduct (e.g. (Gabrys, 2016)). Therefore, we are looking for contributions where digital technologies do not just impose a logic on the city and its citizens, but rather situations where the people are considered (dis)empowered and 'talk back'. We favour empirical attention given to situations where the implementation of technology enables the assembly of new issue-based publics, narratives that upset traditional roles of the citizens in relation to traditional political and economical institutions, or situations where regulation of technologically mediated conduct by publics has been called for. Therefore, this session invites contributions that explore the emergence of publics, as (social) interfaces, associations, and borders are reconstituted with the help of smart solutions.

Areas of potential interest may include, but are not limited to:

Thus, this session is not prescriptive and welcomes scholars interested in data and digital transformations, hackathons, public services, digital inequality and technocratic and algorithmic governance of cities.

Please send proposed abstracts (200-250 words) and contact details to Caspar Menkman ([log in to unmask]) and Aoife Delaney ([log in to unmask]) no later than 6 February 2018

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