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At the University of Ottawa we started in 2013 a University wide initiative to develop Blended learning courses and to train faculty to design  and develop blended learning courses, with the goal of having 20% of all our courses (which means approximately 1000 courses) in a blended learning mode by 2020. You can read a preliminary report on this initiative on this website, as well as several resources that we have developed on the same website (menu on the left under Blended learning). Check also, in that menu, the Blended Tool box. 

Of particular note, in the Blended Tool box (left menu)  the Blended-course-design, a tool we developed to help the faculty on each step of a blended course development (click on each bubble to discover tools), 

and the Blended Learning Course Quality Rubric, a rubric we have developed to guide faculty at every stage of the course development  

I hope this helps. 



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Subject: Blended learning in presentation of Online Distance Learning courses to undergraduates



I would be interested to hear from individuals who have introduced online distance learning (ODL) courses into undergraduate programmes and opted to combine this approach to teaching with face-to-face sessions to support a blended learning approach.  Do you have any views on the shortcomings of purely ODL courses in the above context and have you any suggestions as to how to build a good blended learning model in the above sense?


Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.


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