Hi everyone, (apologies for cross-posting)

I am writing to let you know about upcoming training that could equip you 
with better methods for measuring students’ feedback and the impact of 
learning programmes. Speakers internationally-recognised will provide 
highly practical guidance.

   - Gentle Introduction to Survey Design for Evaluation:
   - Designing and Conducting Qualitative Focus Groups and Interviews: <>
   - Introduction to Evaluating Science Communication & Public Engagement: <>
   - Public Engagement Evaluation Course:

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*Training Opportunity: Learn Evaluation Methods* 
[image: Designing & Conducting Qualitative Focus Groups & Interviews] 

Designing & Conducting Qualitative Focus Groups & Interviews

This workshop covers the early stages of developing questions and setting 
up a good design for conducting focus groups and interviews. Learn to 
gather a wide range of open-ended, qualitative data about people’s 
motivations, feelings and attitudes.

23 January 2018

[image: Introduction to Evaluating Science Communication & Public 

Introduction to Evaluating Science Communication & Public Engagement

This workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of evaluating Public 
Engagement and Science Communication. You will learn how to design your 
evaluation to collect the right information when evaluating your project, 
programme or activity.

19 February 2018

[image: Gentle Introduction to Survey Design for Evaluation] 

Gentle Introduction to Survey Design for Evaluation


This workshop shows you how to use survey design to accurately collect the 
information you need for your evaluation. Learn how, why and when to use 
surveys for evaluation, receive practical guidance, and avoid common 

16 February 2018

[image: Public Engagement Evaluation] 

Public Engagement Evaluation

Online Course

Start with the basics needed for evaluating public engagement and scale all 
the way up to translating your goals into measurable outcomes, choosing the 
best approach for your activity, developing your own evaluation plan and 
using the best-available tools. This course is recommended for you if you 
want deeper advice on evaluation methods.

Ongoing & Self-Paced
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[image: Dr Monae Verbeke] 

Dr Monae Verbeke

Dr. Monae Verbeke is a Senior Research Associate at the Institute for 
Learning Innovation. Monae is a social scientist, focusing on ways in which 
institutions and communities can form relationships that influence, shape, 
and promote successful science engagement. Monae's research interests are 
in the intersections between the fields of cultural psychology, science 
communication, and informal science learning.
[image: Dr Verbeke's Profile] 
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[image: Aaron M Jensen] 

Aaron M Jensen

Mr. Jensen (University of Strathclyde) specialises in research on 
organisational change and innovation, with an affinity for systems 
architecture & business analysis. He is undertaking a PhD in 
entrepreneurship psychology at the University of Strathclyde's Hunter 
Centre for Entrepreneurship, focused on how entrepreneurs overcome 
challenges inherent in the entrepreneurial and innovation process.
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[image: Dr Eric Jensen] 

Dr Eric Jensen

Dr Eric Jensen is a world leading social scientist, specialising in 
evaluation research. He has extensive experience designing and conducting 
quantitative and mixed methods evaluations. He is the author of *Doing Real 
Research: A Practical Guide to Social Research (SAGE).* 
[image: Link to Jensen's Academic Profile] <> 
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[image: Dr Joseph Roche] 

Dr Joseph Roche

Dr. Joseph Roche is an astrophysicist and Assistant Professor in science 
education at Trinity College Dublin. He has worked for NASA and observed 
symbiotic stars using the Hubble Space Telescope. He teaches Science & 
Society and Communicating Science at Trinity College Dublin.
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