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"Expertise as a Model for Professional Learning in Higher Education" Webinar
Tuesday 30th January 2018

Led by Dr Helen King* Associate Director of Academic Practice* University of the West of England

This webinar will explore one model of how experts learn and develop, and will consider how this might apply to staff in higher education. The context of a teacher in higher education will be used to illustrate the model and participants will be encouraged to think about how it might apply to other roles (e.g. researchers, administrators, professional services, students).
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"Cutting back on sugar: we need to talk about you and digital" Webinar
Monday 5th February 2018
Led by Lawrie Phipps*Jisc

There's an often told story (and it may be apocryphal) about Mahatma Gandhi. A Mother worried about her son's health and his excess consumption of sugar decides to take him to see Ghandi, his hero. In hot sun, she walked for many miles, and when she got there she explained to Ghandi her worry. She asked him to tell her son to stop the behaviour, to eat less sugar.

Ghandi refused to tell the boy to change his eating habit, but told the mother to return with the boy in two weeks. Perplexed the mother left.

Two weeks later the mother walked many miles again, but this time Ghandi looked at the boy and told him for the sake of his health he should eat less sugar. Hearing this from his hero the boy committed to change.

Before she left the mother asked Ghandi "why did you make me take the journey twice, could you not have told him on my first visit?"

Ghandi replied "I needed those two weeks so that I could cut back on my sugar."

Working with many staff in the sector trying to create change in digital I often reflect on this story. On the Jisc Leaders programme we start by looking at our own practice and the impact of digital before looking at changing the behaviours at an organisational level. During this webinar we will look at the tools we employ on the Jisc Digital Leaders Course and discuss the implications of digital for the CRA community.

Topics will include:

Personal Digital Practice

Digital Leadership

The Impact of Networks

Emerging trends in Digital Environments

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"ePortfolios & More" Seminar
The Developing Role of ePortfolios within the Digital Landscape
A Collaborative International Seminar | 23-25 May 2018 | Dublin City University
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