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Staff Development and Training programme of the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries.


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We would love to see you at an event in the new year – why not take a quick look at our events calendar for more information on our upcoming events in 2018.


In addition to our ASPECTS programme – a series of ten career development workshops aimed at those early in their careers - we also have sessions looking at The Changes to the Disabled Students’ Allowance and at the impact, challenges and opportunities offered by Digital Literacies.


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Training and Development Events

Training events are open to all members and non-members.


The Changes to the Disabled Students’ Allowance – what does it mean for students, universities and libraries? [TG2/DSA]

25 January 2018

The Disabled Students Allowance is an important means of financial support for disabled students in England and Wales. The government has proposed changes to the DSA, which will come into effect from September 2016, moving away from individual DSA grants towards institutionally funded support.


Supervising and Managing Library Staff [TG1/ASPECTS1]

31 January 2018

Sooner or later in your career it is likely that you will have to supervise or manage other library staff. This workshop is aimed at people taking their first steps in staff management, or who are interested in doing so. 


Current & Future Trends in Subject Librarianship [TG1/ASPECTS2]

31 January 2018

The position of Subject Librarian – or Liaison Librarian, or Information Specialist, or any number of other variations – remains a key one in most academic libraries and is one that many new professionals aspire towards. However, in recent years, the nature of the role has changed considerably, with a number of libraries adopting a more ‘functional’ structure, and a few dispensing with the position altogether. 


Digital Scholarship and literacies: enhancing professional skills and perceptions [TG1/PROF]

15 March 2018

This workshop aims to give delegates a greater understanding of the impact, challenges and opportunities digital literacies and scholarship are offering students, researchers and professionals alike.


Supporting Open Scholarship: An Introduction [TG1/ASPECTS7]

18 April 2018

Speakers at this event will explore the role of libraries in supporting open scholarship, outlining the context of open scholarship, open access and open data; libraries’ roles in advocacy, training, and in maintaining repositories, and the skills and experience needed to enter into this growing area.


The GLAM sector: what can we learn from Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums [TG1/ASPECTS8]

16 May 2018

This workshop is designed to share and celebrate the successes and diversity of four key cultural organisations and the lessons we can learn from each other, in terms of service relevance, modernisation, professional practices and audience engagement.


CPD and Learning Technology: skills for librarians to support information and digital literacy [TG1/ASPECTS9]

16 May 2018

Librarians are increasingly working with learning technologies, both to support students and to promote information and digital literacy. In this fast-moving environment they must acquire technical expertise and keep up with developments in the way teaching and learning is delivered in the digital environment, and librarians are using these same learning technologies to increase their skills and knowledge. 


We’re Listening: how to shape library services using UX data, student-library partnerships and other feedback [TG1/ASPECTS10]

05 June 2018

All academic libraries now realise the importance of actively obtaining student views about their services. Many have conducted UX research, which uses the techniques of ethnography to explore how users experience library services and spaces. 




Only members of the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries are eligible to join visits.


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All of the events mentioned above can be booked via our website.




M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries

Room 653

Senate House Library

Malet Street

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Tel: 0207 863 6082

Web: www.cpd25.ac.uk


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Staff Development and Training programme of the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries.

Twitter: @cpd25_M25 #cpd25