Aloha, pleased to announce the release of Volume 13 issue 4 of the Review of Disability Studies. This issue features a forum on "Cripping Care" that you won't want to miss. You can view my editorial "Is this a Marriage or a Carriage" on our RDS blog  
From Canada to India, Guatemala to Germany, this issue includes a special research forum on "Cripping Care: Care Pedagogies and Practices," as well as multimedia, creative works, and a selection of the latest in disability studies’ dissertations & abstracts.

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Volume 13 Issue 4 | Table of Contents

** Editorial
Is this a Marriage or a Carriage? (
Megan A. Conway, Ph.D., RDS Editor-In-Chief
Hawaii, USA


** Cripping Care: Care Pedagogies and Practices Special Forum
Cripping Care: Care Pedagogies and Practices (
Guest Editors: Patty Douglas, Ph.D, Brandon University, Carla Rice, University of Guelph, and Christine Kelly, Ph.D., University of Manitoba

Too Much to Too Little? Paradoxes of Disability and Care Work in India (
Nandini Ghosh, Ph.D., & Supurna Banerjee, Ph.D., Institute of Development Studies Kolkata

Cripping Care for Individuals with Psychiatric Disability: Looking Beyond Self-Determination Framework to Address Treatment and Recovery (
Meghann Elizabeth O'Leary, University of Illinois Chicago
Illinois, USA

What is a Service Animal? A Careful Rethinking (
Margaret Price, Ohio State University
Ohio, USA

Teaching and Care: Cripping Fieldwork in Teacher Education (
Susan Baglieri, Ph.D., & Jessica Bacon, Ph.D., Montclair State University
New Jersey, USA


** Multimedia

A Question & Answer with Helen S. Cohen, Filmmaker of States of Grace (
Raphael Raphael, Ph.D., RDS Associate Editor of Creative Works and Multimedia


** Creative Works

Cancer Kung Fu: Fighting Back Through Writing and Drawing (
Anna Faroqhi, Transart Institute


** Dissertations and Abstracts

Disability Studies Dissertations Abstracts (
Jonathan Erlen, Megan Conway
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