I think you would struggle to describe this outfit as a multinational organisation judging from its Companies House returns, which suggest it’s a small private company without external shareholders.


Although I agree the list should not be about advertising commercial entities, you might argue that the people running these courses seem to have some academic credibility evidenced by publications. Their prices don’t look unreasonable compared to some nonprofits in the UK which have reputations and good publicity machine, but not academic credibility, yet will charge you upwards of 300 a day for some fairly routine training.  So who’s behaving in a commercial manner here?


John Mohan


Director, Third Sector Research Centre / Professor of Social Policy, University of Birmingham

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Subject: Re: Commercial Creep on the VSSN List Training: Know Your Customers, Staff and Market with Accurate Evaluation | London


Hi Angela,


I personally think that commercial training should not be advertised on this list, as the company in question seems to have joined the mailing list solely for marketing purposes and more companies might follow in their wake. On the other hand, if the information on the VSSN website stated clearly that the mailing list is not to be used for commercial marketing, then it might discourage some people from joining the list in the first place, especially since they know that it is a moderated list and their message might be rejected.


I am generally of the opinion that only not for profit training provision should be advertised on this list – unless it is deemed that for profit training addresses a burning issue that is a gap. I don’t think that was the case with the training offered below.


Having said that, I don’t get the impression that this list is somehow increasingly hijacked by marketers, but maybe I don’t follow it closely enough to know.


Best wishes,





Susanne Martikke

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Subject: FW: Commercial Creep on the VSSN List Training: Know Your Customers, Staff and Market with Accurate Evaluation | London


Fair point Mike. I should have been more careful/considered in the moderation process. We do get an increasing number of posts advertising courses being run on a commercial basis – some of which I am clear should not be circulate but some which I am not sure about (and some which I clearly don’t give enough consideration too!), so this is perhaps an good time to think about what is appropriate and what not etc

Best wishes


(as list moderator)  


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Subject: Commercial Creep on the VSSN List Training: Know Your Customers, Staff and Market with Accurate Evaluation | London


Hello VSSNers I wonder if we might need to consider the use of the list in this case. As far as I can see 'Methods for Change' is part of an international corporation with a HQ in the USA and a branch in Bedford. Is this posting commercial creep onto a list created and serviced by those concerned with community and voluntary sector issues or sensible adjustment to 'new' realities. 


Info: Qualia Analytics Ltd. is a small, fairly new organization in the commercial nonphysical research companies industry located in Bedford, England. It opened its doors in 2014 and now has an estimated $105,984 USD in yearly revenue and 1 employee. 67 York St York Street Bedford, MK40 3RL England Qualia Analytics Ltd. is a commercial nonphysical research company in Bedford, . The organization is located at 67 York St York Street. This public company was founded in 2014 (about three years ago).



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Hi everyone, (apologies for cross-posting)


I am writing to let you know about upcoming training workshops on evaluation, feedback and market research methods that could be useful for businesses to understand current and potential clients and staff. The workshops feature expert speakers internationally-recognised.

  Introduction to Evaluating Science Communication & Public Engagement: (Save 10% with early bird discount until 24 November)

  Public Engagement Evaluation Course:

  Gentle Introduction to Survey Design for Evaluation: (Save 10% with early bird discount until 27 November)

Best Regards,