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Call for Papers: Global Conference on Economic Geography (GCEG), Cologne, July 24-28 2018

Session: The Financialization of the State

Laura Deruytter (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
Reijer Hendrikse (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
Sebastian Möller (University of Bremen, Germany)

Sponsored by FINGEO, Global Network on Financial Geography

Although the state has long been a relatively understudied domain in the burgeoning literature on financialization, over the last couple of years a growing body of empirical work has emerged on the financial entanglements and transformations of specific governments, state agencies, (quasi-) public institutions and their offshoots. This call for papers builds upon this work, and broadly seeks contributions which add empirical flesh to this growing subfield of financialization studies, as well as conceptual perspectives to make sense of the rise of finance – of its products, rationalities, techniques and so forth – in a growing set of public domains; how and why governments and states have themselves been key accelerators of these developments, and how we should understand the ever-changing state-finance nexus. Research areas may include, but are not limited to:

- the financialization of municipalities and the local state,
- the financialization of state regulations and sovereignty
- unpacking specific government or public policies and rationalities as drivers of financialization
- the links between new public management (NPM), or neoliberalization, and the financialization of states
- the central role of public accounting, debt or treasury management
- politicization of and resistance to the financialization of the state
- comparative analyses of processes of state financialization (in space and time)
- the role of inter- and supranational organizations in pushing forward the financialization of the state
- processes of financialization interacting with sub-national state rescaling and local entrepreneurialism
- financialization and corporatization of local state enterprises
- mechanisms and networks of private and public agents facilitating the diffusion of financialized state practices, and so forth

We are hoping for a broad range of contributions in terms of geographical scope, policy areas, theoretical approaches and methods. Please submit an abstract (max. 250 words) by 15 March 2018 to [log in to unmask], [log in to unmask] and [log in to unmask]

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