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18th International Society of Planning History Conference
Yokohama, Japan, 15-19 July 2018

Planning History and Megaevents: design, spaces and legacy

Conveners: John R. Gold (Oxford Brookes University) and
Margaret M. Gold (London Metropolitan University

Megaevents such the Olympic Games and Worlds’ Fairs/Expos have had a
long association with host cities going back over 160 years.  Inter
alia, they have provided opportunities for planning and architectural
innovation, have served as important media for place promotion and
city marketing, and have created large event spaces that need to be
integrated into the city once the event is over.  Over the last half
century, there has been an increasing tendency for city managers and
local growth coalitions to use these events for their own agendas and
as instruments of planning, infrastructural, economic, social and
promotional transformation.  The popularity of staging such events has
waxed and waned.  Notably, the International Olympic Committee had
trouble engaging with potential summer hosts at the end of the 1970s
and again in the current round of bidding for 2024 and 2028.
Nevertheless, we have also seen the rise of multiple hosts for the
Summer Games, with London hosting on three occasions, Paris and Los
Angeles due to achieve the same status in the next decade,  Tokyo
about to stage the Games for a second occasion and Beijing about to be
the first city to stage a Summer and Winter Games.  For their part,
the World’s Fairs have had mixed fortunes with suggestions that their
day had gone, but a series of successful Expos this century has
revived interest, with the USA back to exhibiting and even signs that
to American cities are toying with the idea of hosting such events
once again.

Against this background, it is proposed to hold either one or two
sessions of papers (depending on demand) about the relationship
between planning history and megaevents at the forthcoming biennial
conference of the International Society of Planning History
Conference, Yokohama, Japan in July 2018.

Themes on which papers might be contributed include:

 * growth coalitions and city promotion
* megaevents and urban spatial structure
* event spaces in strategic urban planning
* instrumental use of megaevents
* architectural and planning innovation
* multiple hosts and the emergence of the megaevent city
* megaevents and infrastructural development
* issues of tangible and intangible legacy
* megaevents, security and city design
* megaevents and urban sustainability

We particularly welcome contributions that offer a historical approach
which is theoretically grounded and offers a comparative perspective.
While also welcoming papers that deal with the experience of cities in
South East Asia, we would emphasise that there is no restriction on
the empirical focus of potential contributions.


Anyone interested is invited to submit a title and brief abstract (no
more than 300 words) to the conveners by 1 December 2017.

Best Wishes,


John R. Gold

Professor of Urban Historical Geography, Oxford Brookes University, UK

Editor, Planning Perspectives: An international journal of history,
planning and the environment [ISSN 0266-5433 (Print); ISSN: 1466-4518

Special Appointed Professor, Graduate School of Governance Studies,
Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan


Latest Books:
Olympic Cities: City Agendas, Planning, and the World's Games, 1896 -
2020, 3rd Edition, Routledge, (published 12 July 2016)

The Making of Olympic Cities, 4 vols. (Critical Concepts in Urban
Studies series, Routledge; published 6 June 2012)

The Planning of a New Town, reprinted with an Introduction by John R.
Gold, Routledge, (Studies in International Planning History series, 25
March 2015)

Geography, The Media and Popular Culture, (Routledge Library
Editions,, published 30 November 2015)

Festival Cities: Culture, Planning and Urban Life since 1918,
Routledge (Planning, History and Environment series, Routledge, to be
published 2017)


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Professor John R. Gold,
Department of Social Sciences,
Oxford Brookes University,
Gipsy Lane,
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