Peter Lang Oxford is pleased to announce the publication of the winner of the 2014 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition in Memory Studies:


Networked Remembrance

Excavating Buried Memories in the Railways beneath London and Berlin


By Samuel Merrill


Oxford, 2017. 408 pp., 7 colour ill., 23 b/w ill. £45.00

Cultural Memories, Vol. 8

Series Editor: Katia Pizzi

ISBN 978-3-0343-1919-5 pb.

eBook available soon

‘In this rich and fascinating book Samuel Merrill explores the underground transport networks of London and Berlin. Networked Remembrance marks a significant addition to the literature on intersections between memory, space and urban culture.’ – Matthew Gandy, Professor of Geography, University of Cambridge

‘Merrill’s richly illustrated text offers uniquely moving accounts about the “everyday undergrounds” of two Europe’s most distinctive capital cities, Berlin and London.’ – Karen E. Till, Professor of Cultural Geography, Maynooth University and author of The New Berlin: Memory, Politics, Place

Networked Remembrance is the first book to explore questions of urban memory within what are some of the most commonly experienced subterranean margins of the contemporary city: underground railways. Using London’s and Berlin’s underground railways as comparative case studies, this book reveals how social memories are spatially produced – through practices of cartography and toponymy, memory work and memorialization, exploration and artistic appropriation – within the everyday and concealed places associated with these transport networks.

Through numerous empirical excavations, this book highlights an array of different mnemonic actors, processes, structures and discourses that have determined the forms of ‘networked remembrance’ associated with the subterranean stations and sections of the London Underground and Berlin U- and S-Bahn. In turn, it invites readers to descend into the ‘buried memories’ that are often imperceptible to those travelling by rail beneath the British and German capitals and encourages them to ask what other memories might lie latent in the infrastructural landscapes beneath their feet.

This book was the winner of the 2014 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition in Memory Studies.

Samuel Merrill is an interdisciplinary researcher based at the Department of Sociology’s Digital Social Research Unit at UmeŚ University. He completed his doctorate in Cultural Geography at University College London in 2014.


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Cultural Memories


Series Editor: Katia Pizzi, Director, Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory, Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London


Cultural Memories is the publishing project of the Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory at the Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London. The Centre is international in scope and promotes innovative research with a focus on interdisciplinary approaches to memory.

This series supports the Centre by furthering original research in the global field of cultural memory studies. In particular, it seeks to challenge a monumentalizing model of memory in favour of a more fluid and heterogeneous one, where history, culture and memory are seen as complementary and intersecting. The series embraces new methodological approaches, encompassing a wide range of technologies of memory in cognate fields, including comparative studies, cultural studies, history, literature , media and communication, and cognitive science. The aim of Cultural Memories is to encourage and enhance research in the broad field of memory studies while, at the same time, pointing in new directions, providing a unique platform for creative and forward-looking scholarship in the discipline.


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