I seek the following information: how many disabled EU citizens and EU carers are there (or: we think that possibly there might be) in the UK? I have just a bit more than zero knowledge of statistics etc. Is there anyone who can give me a hand here how to discover this. Even if the estimate is a super rough one, or informed speculation - all would be really really helpful!! We need numbers to make a point in response to this!

The reason why: If the 'Technical Note' of the UK government is read in between the lines, it looks like disabled EU citizens and EU carers in the UK who cannot evidence that they've worked here 5ys or more will see all their access to services (housing, medication, medicines, benefits, care etc) and access to work cut; no access to 'settled status'; and they/we might be asked to leave. (spec see para 10, para 18).

This is important because:
(1) many disabled folk have never and will never, or have not sufficiently worked - even when they've lived in the UK for 5ys or longer
(2) carers' work is not considered work, including not when done for 5ys or longer

Also, anyone who feels they have specialist knowledge (specifically in the area of law, disability law, migration law, social welfare law, EU law, constitutional law etc), I would really like to hear from you!

Technical note:

Many thanks

D. Dyi Huijg
PhD Candidate in Sociology, University of Manchester
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