Dear all


I’m working with the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea on an exhibition about pirates which opens in March 2018. The idea is to look at the reality behind the romantic idea we have of pirates. The exhibition is exploring pirates across the world with an emphasis on Welsh pirates and piracy around the Welsh coast.


I’m hoping you can help me. I’m keen to find documentary evidence relating to pirates and privateers –particularly those with a connection to Wales. I’m looking particularly for letters of marque, evidence of punishments – or encouragement in the case of privateers  - and evidence of what life was like for pirates and their victims, for example from letters. Legal documents around piracy and ephemera relating to fictional pirates would also be of interest.  If you have anything relating to female pirates, that would also be appreciated. Basically, if it’s pirate-related I’m interested.


Partly this is for research purposes, but if you have anything particularly visually appealing it would be wonderful to include a copy in the exhibition. The space we’re using is too brightly lit to house original documents so we’re not asking for loans.


If you do have any relevant collections, I’m hoping to arrange to come and visit before Christmas to study them in more detail if possible. If it’s possible to obtain copies of particularly relevant and aesthetically appealing documents that would also be very much appreciated. We’d obviously be happy to credit them to you and do have a (small) budget for buying illustrations.


I’d be very grateful for any help you are able to offer.


Many thanks




Sarah Daly

Museum consultant & freelance writer

(01291) 637478 or (07910) 034318

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