LAST CALL: Deadline for British Sociological Association (BSA) conference abstracts is this week - Friday 13 October.

The BSA Disability Study Group will be at the annual conference again this year and we are looking forward to discussing and debating this year’s themes of identity, community and social solidarity.  

Further details are at the following web link and also below this message. 

We hope to see you there!    

Sarah Woodin and Alison Wilde (BSA Disability Study Group) 
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BSA Annual Conference 2018:  Identity, Community and Social Solidarity

10-12 April 2018

Northumbria University, UK

Concepts of identity, community and social solidarity are central sociological themes, while also highly contested. One important move has been to introduce multiplicities to their formulation – identities etc. – but some argue this rhetorical response has not gone far enough to respond to the problems created by singular narratives of who people are, or what forms a community, or a sense of belonging. More recently, the call – both outside and inside academia – in the contexts of the conflicts and uncertainties across the globe, is for collectivist approaches that unite. ‘We are the 99%’ being just one evocation of this.

The collectivist shift has emerged as a challenge to right wing voices who make use of the language of difference in order to manipulate and encourage division. How, therefore, do we explore what can be shared across different groups, locations, social needs; while providing equal recognition of differences founded in previous histories and present realities of harm, privilege and inequality?

This conference will address these and other related issues through an exploration of the concepts of identity, community and solidarity from a multidimensional perspective, engaging with some of the most urgent debates of our times. The broader the range of voices present to engage with these issues, the broader the learning will be. Please join us.

We invite submissions to our Annual Conference. Participants can present on any sociological research topic.  The deadline for submission of abstracts is Friday, 13 October 2017.

Submit your abstract today.
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