Communicated on behalf of Agnes Szanto

Announcement of a CIRM conference

              Symmetry and Computation

Tuesday 3 (9 am) - Saturday 7 (12 pm) April, 2018

Symmetry appears as a desirable feature to preserve through numerical
computations, as a property to take advantage of in efficiency
considerations, or as an organizing principle for computations. In either
cases, sophisticated schemes that require group-theoretic foundations
have been developed, as the results of research at the frontier of pure
mathematics, computer science, and applied mathematics.

The topics will range across Geometric Integration, Symbolic Analysis,
Computational Algebraic Geometry, Orthogonal Polynomials and Special
Functions but with a focus on the exploitation of symmetry and group
theoretic methods.

Anyone wishing to attend this conference needs to register their
interest at the conference web page. The registration process includes
the possibility to apply for local support. Senior, mid-career, and early
career researchers are all encouraged to apply.

Evelyne Hubert (INRIA - Sophia Antipolis)
Elizabeth Mansfield (University of Kent)
Hans Z. Munthe-Kaas (University of Bergen)
Agnes Szanto (North Carolina State University)

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