Space Place Practice: Library of Pilgrimages and Museum Box ProjectExhibition Launch Event
Saturday 9 September 2017
At Town Hall Arts, Trowbridge Town Hall BA14 8EQ

Exhibition dates 9 September - 4 November 2017
Launch Event Saturday 9 September 12pm - 2pm pm - please do come along.
Opening times Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm Saturdays 10am - 2pm closed Sundays

About Space Place Practice: 
These two exhibitions were created by Space Place Practice, a collective group of multidisciplinary practitioners who share an interest in researching the wider aspects of ‘landscape’ and take inspiration from a sense of place:

The Museum Box Project: Something of Place
The Museum Box Project builds on the theme of a research seminar when each member of Space Place Practice brought 'something of place' with them to the event. Each member went home with a museum box in which/with which to develop their connections with these somethings and places as a way of presenting their ‘place’ to others as a finished artwork for exhibition. 

Library of Pilgrimages
Inspired by the Robert Macfarlane’s description of the artist Miguel Angel Blanco’s Library of the Forest, members of the group each created a ‘mini-installation’ on the theme of a ‘personal pilgrimage’ where each artist has put a special interaction with a space or a place in the small confines of a foolscap filing box. Each response records how we endow places with special responses and recognises how a place may be integrated into our own ‘inner' landscape. This gathering of boxes records an intensity of feeling and responses to ‘place’ that becomes the beginning of another ‘pilgrimage’.

All Rivers Flow to the Sea. River Biss Art Walk.
Artist-led by Walking the Land, this three-hour art walk, exploring and responding to the natural and cultural heritage of Trowbridge's River Biss, is part of the Library of Pilgrimages exhibition, and Explore Art Trowbridge. Visit the website to read more and book your place at Trowbidge Arts website (sorry but we can’t include a link here) or check out details on walking the land’s website

Best Wishes

Kel Portman

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