From Stan Hayward:

Hi Catherine

I'm very sorry to hear about Tony
He introduced me to CAS when it first started, and did the titles of What is
a Computer film that I wrote
At the time I joined CAS there were only about a dozen members, all
programmers except me, and I found it a bit above my head. 
Along with Alan Kitchen, we used to go to the Computer shows, the early ones
I recall would be in quite small events

I am surprised to find that he was actually older than me (a mere 87 next
month). I was hoping to see him again because a very odd live action film
was made in his flat, with him acting as a servant to a nude lady who did a
Spanish dance. I was invited to join the cast and play the guitar she danced
to. He showed me a copy of it when he came over here about two or three
years ago, and promised me a a copy, but now it seems I will never see it
unless it goes viral

I hope all is well with you, and you are busy

Best wishes


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Hi everyone

I just uploaded a short post about Tony to my website, with a nice picture:

Catherine Mason

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