Do you want to enhance your presentations by adding interactivity,
multimedia, engagement and excitement?

By the end of my new online course, learners will be able to create amazing
multimedia presentations which will enhance your audiences learning and
viewing experience!

The course is split into 3 main sections –

1.       Microsoft PowerPoint

2.       Microsoft Office Mix

3.       Microsoft Sway

*Special Early Bird Rate of £10 (usually £100) - Until end of August !*

With 24 Video Lectures, explaining:

-          Audio

-          Video (and embedded video)

-          Images

-          Multiple Choice Quizzes

-          Online Polls

-          Embedded Webpages

-          Themes

-          Templates

-          Publishing

-          Sharing

Full Description

I will begin the course by guiding learners through improving their
presentations using PowerPoint.  I will show learners how to add images,
audio and video to your slides, as well as teaching learners about
narration, annotation animations and transitions.

The course will then progress to looking at office mix – a Microsoft
PowerPoint add in that enhances PowerPoint presentations by adding extra
functionality and configuration options.  When using the office Mix add-in,
learners can add screen recordings, audio and video narration, polls and
quizzes, live web pages and real time annotation tools to your
presentations – and all of these subjects will be covered in section 2.

The course will finish by looking at Microsoft Sway, a digital storytelling
app, accessed entirely online, that allows you to create and share
interactive presentations, class materials and projects.  I will teach
learners how to use sway, how to get the best out of the various design
options and how to produce a professional, online presentation using
Microsoft sway.
Throughout the course, there will be special example lessons that
demonstrate the skills and techniques learnt in the course, and I will
include real life practical examples, all of which are available for my
learners to download.

So, if you are an Administrator, Manager, Teacher, Classroom assistant,
Course Creator, or just a Professional interested in enhancing your
presentations with the use of technology, why not sign up today?