Dear friends, comrades and walking artists

I hope some of you might be interested in some forthcoming psychogeographical shenanigans which, apart from anything else, demonstrate the diversity and vibrancy of the praxis beyond the cannon. 

This Sunday its First Sunday 3rd September and time for the regular monthly communal derive of The LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement). This time we’ll be embarking on one of our occasional twilight expeditions. Meet us at the Engels statue in Tony Wilson Place at 7pm (and yes that probably is the most absurd sounding address within the peoples republic of Mancunia). As ever the wandering and wondering is free and open to everyone; the direction and pace is decided by whoever turns up. If you want to find out more our website is or you can find us on facebook "the loiterers resistance movement" and twitter @[log in to unmask] My heartfelt thanks as ever to those amongst you who have supported The LRM over the years whether in cyberspace or on the streets. 

Then its over to Leeds because on Tuesday 12th September I’ve convened a series of panels “More Than Pedestrian: Pyschogeographies, Creative Walking and Spatial Justice” as part of the RC21 Rethinking Global Urban Justice Conference at Leeds University. If you’ve not registered for the conference but would like to come to just these sessions please let me know because you should be able to drop in. I am sure there will be some walking as well as talking happening as well. I'm delighted it co-incidentally falls so close to the world congress in Huddersfied and send convivial greetings and encouragement to cross-polinate our paths.  

I’m really excited by the variety and quality of speakers and very glad to see WAN members well represented. Here’s the programme:
9:00 - 10:45 Traversing Histories
Walking the Debris Field of the Halifax Explosion - Barbara Lounde
Psychogeography’s Other Genesis: Asger Jorn’s Anti-Euclidean Geometry and the Science of Space - Christopher Chris Collier
Displacement Activities: A translocational approach to transgressive heritage - Simon Bradley
Artists mapping cities: The influence of the SI in contemporary practices - Gloria Lanci

11.15 -1.00pm The Art of Walking
A Different Line Made by Walking – Ian Trowell
Reimagining place: Creative Walking, Writing and Reading – Sonia Overall
Diversions: Being a Pedestrian in London – Jan van Duppen
[25] Pockets of [….] an interpersonal derive – Victor Jones Buehring

14.00 – 15.45 Beyond Desire Lines
Entangled Narratives, Concernful Dealings: Bringing Leeds Terminalia to Osaka through Creative Walking - Gareth Morris Jones, Tim Waters
Hipsters Explained With Cultural Materialism: A New Psychogeographical Approach to Urban Subcultural Legacies - David Wilkinson
How to Use Gay Nazis in Job Interviews: Precarious Facebook, Queer Derive and Austerity-age Horror - Alexandros Papadopoulos
The Female Cairene Walker: Everyday Radical Remapping of City and Body - Sara Fakhry Ismail

It would be wonderful to see you somewhere along the way

Love and golden apples

Morag x

Morag Rose
PhD Researcher: Public Space, Gender and Psychogeographies
Department of Urban Studies and Planning at The University of Sheffield
email [log in to unmask]
Twitter @thelrm     Website
Winner of the 2017 Living Streets Charles Mayer Award 

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