Dear WAN members, this disgraceful ordure is what passes for a BBC account of psychogeography - every single voice, every single voice, across 50 minutes of its cynical self-serving is male!!!!!! The only possible MENTION of a woman is - surprise, surprise - a reference to prostitutes as objects. And that is just the worst of the problems of this sickening and disgusting travesty of what so many people make and do and create - for the whole thing is framed by the stupid raised-eyebrow approach of the presenter and the cynicism of so many of the contributors who are often openly sneering at psychoegography and psychoegographers while riding its popularity. Lazy, lazy, lazy and misogynistic BBC and its knowing and unknowing collaborators. How do we make this the LAST EVER of these travesties? Have a listen and then please protest to the BBC and let's stop these things.

Best wishes,

Phil Smith 

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