Hello WAN friends,

Registration for the 3 day psychogeography congress on 8-10 September
in Huddersfield is now available.
  With the main website at

Registration is general admission and covers non specific ticketed
events, indoor talks, etc. It's mainly so that we know how many to
expect for biscuits!

Several events are limited in size and have their own specific tickets
set up. Do keep an eye on the website for these as we add them:

In the meantime, here is a list of most of the programme, I think you
can agree there's lots to choose from!

See you there,


Talk: Welcome Address. By The Congress Organisers
Talk: The Fundamentals of the Psychogeographical Method. By Fenella
Brandenberg and David Bollinger
Talk: Psychologists Working Towards Social Justice: How Can We Walk
The Talk?. By Brendan Bootland, Suzanne Elliot and Nick Hartley
Walk: Short Personal Heritage Walks. By Graeme Murrell
Talk & Walk: Smells of the city: Scent, modernity and
psychogeographical perspectives. By Witold Van Ratingen
Talk: Walking the walk: Can psychogeography save the world?. By Morag Rose
Talk: SOLAR: Walking at the Speed of Light. By Annie Watson
Talk: Walking Over Edges: A Personal Embodied Practice Experience. By
Ursula Troche
Talk: New Spectacle, New Drift, New Psyche. By Phil Smith
Talk: Psychogeography Of The Fourth World. By Roy Bayfield
Workshop: Dérive through the archives. By Dave Smith
Talk / Walk: Introduction to Derive Day. By West Yorkshire Traipsers
Talk: Digital mythologies, virtual ambulations and the cyberflâneur:
Psychogeography in the Internet age. By Ally Standing & Gavin Rogers
walk: The Centre. By Tim Waters
Walk / Eat: Workers' Lunchtime. By Rob Kilner
Walk: Mishtory Tour. By Sonia Overall
Talk / Walk: Kick It Wicked: Graffiti as cultural history and terror
in Philadelphia. By Tyson Mitman
Talk: Total Absence of Recall: Arnie, the Hapsburgs & Social Amnesia
in Graz, Austria. By Andrea Capstick
Workshop: Chasing The Whale. By Gopal Dutta
Talk: Back on the map or a clean sweep? An EU migrant trailing enemy
aliens in Yorkshire during the centenary years. By Claudia Sternberg
Walk: Superstore Carparks. By Gareth Rees
Performance: A Guided Tour of the Pocket Museum of Displacements. By
Simon Bradley
Participative Performance: I'm the City of Other Who Are The City - a
participatory urban pilgrimage. By Elia Rita
Film / Talk: Fragments For A City In Ruins. By Sara Rees
Music / Talk / Film: Most Difficult Thing Ever. By Kevin Boniface,
Steven Beever, & Marc Layton-Bennett
Gaming Workshop: Co-operativinya Street Stalingrad. By Russell King
Talk: VAVILON: Solovki Islands. By Riccardo Arena
Walk / Talk: The red city inside out: A psychogeography of gendered
space through the lens of the female body, specifically focusing on
menstruation. By Aimee Blease-Bourne
Walk: Algorithm Walks. By Tim Waters
Walk / Discussion: A Dérive around Huddersfield. By Alec Shepley & Paul Jones
Talk: Nightwalking. By Lloyd Spenser
Talk: Drift In-between. By Bridget Sheridan
Participative Performance: Odersfelt Unorchestra. By Jason Kelly &
Graeme Murrell
Night Walk with Projection: Drift In-between. By Bridget Sheriden
Exhibition: Nightwalking. By Lloyd Spenser
Exhbition: 25 pockets of [...]. By Victor Beuhring

On 5 August 2017 at 14:39, Tim Waters <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Dear Walking Artist,
> From humble - but surprisingly well-supported - beginnings in 2016,
> the 4th World Congress of Psychogeography has now more than doubled in
> size for its 2017 manifestation.
> Over 40 artists, writers, musicians, thinkers, gamers and pedestrian
> provocateurs (including several WAN members) from many countries, will
> assemble in a Pennine mill town on 8 - 10 September to present 3 days
> of activities ranging from the profound and the political through to
> the plain daft.
> You can peruse the programme at and you'll surely
> find something which takes your fancy.
> It's in Huddersfield, it's dead friendly and it's all free!
> We hope to see you there.
> all the best!

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