Hi Walking Artists

Sound Walk Sunday on the 27 August is fast approaching - it less than 2 weeks away - and we are on the brink of starting to send out Media releases - so we want to make sure we have your work included on the map and in the database.

To submit work - simply fill in the form here:

If you have a photograph that you are happy for us to use, please send a 1MB max version in reply to this email.

A reminder of Sound Walk Sunday:

Ten years ago when Web 2.0 and geo-located pieces were "new media", networks / forums of producers and artists evolved and may have created directories or maps, but now it's mainstream and no longer 'new' media and the initial surge for cataloging has diminished. Today little appears to be mapped and yet it is more easily created than ever - Sound Walk Sunday could be seen as nostalgic, but we think it could - with the right ingredients, including your work  and other's - offer a popular platform for digitally enhanced walking experiences.  It is not just a one day event (although that's how you hook the media), as we want to encourage the public to try out "walking pieces" - not just as participants but also as producers themselves - we have designated Sound Walk Sunday on the 27 August, so by creating a map we plan for it to persist beyond the 27 August 2017. 

We are searching out artists, performers and producers who have created audio walking pieces of their own. Even if it is past and all that's left is an archived piece - we are hoping too that there may be current work that could be tried out by the public on Sound Walk Sunday?  We have set up a simple form into which various details can be included and it would be great if you could contribute to this - you will find it here:

If you can help publicise the event, please do drop us a line - blogging, social media, broadcast media, press...

Please do share this e mail with colleagues or across your networks.

Many thanks, Andrew

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Museum of Walking
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