UKeiG recently published a call for nominations for its second major award - the Jason Farradane Award.

Given in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the information profession, the Award honours Jason Farradane who made an impact with a paper on the scientific approach to documentation at a Royal Society Scientific Information Conference in 1948 and was instrumental in establishing the Institute of Information Scientists in 1958 as well as the first academic courses in information science in 1963 at the precursor of City University, where he became Director of the Centre for Information Science in 1966.

The nomination could highlight achievements such as raising the profile of the information profession within an organisation or field of endeavour in a way which has become an exemplar to others or simply raising the awareness of the value of information in the workplace; demonstrating excellence in education and teaching in information science; or making a major contribution to the theory and practice of information science.

Nominations should reach UKeiG no later than Friday September 22nd 2017 - full details of where to email your nomination and of the information which you should include in the nomination are given in the full call, which call can be found here: