Dear Matthew,

Please may I ask a follow-up to my original question?

Having done the analyses, inputting a binarised mask into the "Pre-threshold masking" option in the Post-stats tab, I now have my results. I'm a little confused because I get results in voxels (in the caudate) that are outside of the mask I used as a pre-threshold mask. I'm not sure how to interpret this as I thought using the pre-threshold mask would only yield results within the mask?

Thank you in advance for your insights.

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           The "Pre-threshold masking" option in the Post-stats tab should do this,
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> Dear FSL users & experts,
> I am running a higher level FEAT to compare 3 separate intervention conditions (within subject study) during an inhibition task. I have a very specific hypothesis about how the activation within the PCC will change in the 3 conditions. Is there a way (either via the GUI or via scripting) to apply a mask so that the FEAT analysis only occurs within this region (rather than across the whole brain)?
> Many thanks in advance for your help.
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> Lucia