I have several questions related with FIX running.
Before I give you some questions, let me explain my current situation.

My OS is mac os x (Sierra) and I don't have Matlab in my computer.
I have installed FSL with 'python script' automatically.

In this situation, I thought that I have only two choices (with Octave or with MCR) to run FIX.
To run FIX with Octave, I have installed octave (version 4.2.1) with Homebrew and all the packages (io, statistics, general, signal, control, specfun) with the command ('pkg install -forge -global xxx). 
To run FIX with MCR, I have installed MCR which was already included in 'Applications/fsl/fix1.065/compiled/Darwin/x86_64/'.

For each case, I have also changed '' as README said.
I have only changed below sentences.
FSL_FIX_MATLAB_MODE=0 (for MCR running) / 2 (for Octave running)

I have tried to run FIX with both ways already but failed on extraction step of features.
I run FIX on my own data and FSL groups data (from FSLcourse, Rest_MB6.feat / Rest_EPI.ica).

The error message on running with Octave is "'aryule' undefined near line 11 column 21".
The error message on running with MCR is "Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch."

[Here are my questions]
1. Are those only settings to run FIX without MATLAB ?
2. If those are not correct, are there any steps or settings to run FIX with Octave or with MCR ?

3. Higher Octave version (4.2.1) is fine ?

4. Is there any special option when I run MELODIC or FEAT to get no error on running FIX ?

5. Do I need to modify 'startup.m' file in a directory (XX/matlab/) ?

6. I found that a different number of MCR version (v83) was written in 'MCR.Version', it it correct ?
Because MCRInstaller was v7.17, I changed the number in MCR.Version as v717. Am I correct ?

Sorry for many questions.
I will really appreciate for your kind helps.