Dear FSL user,

I have followed BASIL tutorials but following getting error:

[fsl@fslvm6 delay_1]$ asl_file --data=data --ntis=1 --iaf=tc --diff --out=diffdata --mean=diffdata_mean
Number of voxels is:589824
Number of repeats in data is:0
Warning: spare measurements found at end of data!
    Number of measurements discarded from end is: 1

An exception has been thrown
Logic error:- detected by Newmat: incompatible submatrix dimension

Trace: SubMatrix(evaluate).

Please find attachment containing snapshot data, calibrated, and 3D T1 images. There is only single delay of 1s.

Archana V. Malagi,
PhD Scholar,
Centre for Biomedical Engineering,
IIT Delhi-110 016