Hi Ramesh,

The corrp files actually contain 1-p values, so you need to search for images which have values >=0.95.

And for displaying them, you just need to adjust the min/max display ranges appropriately (in the toolbar at the top)



On 10 August 2017 at 18:49, Ramesh Babu <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear Expert,

I have performed dual regression out analysis. I used the following command to get significant component.

for fn in *tfce_corrp_tstat2.nii.gz; do fslstats $fn -R >>stat2_output.txt; done

0.000000 0.049800 

0.000000 0.323800
0.000000 0.365800
0.000000 0.032600
(sorted output)

The components which are highlighted above show significant different. But when I view this in fslview by selecting the exact component (eg component 32 in terminal output corresponds to dr_stage3_ic0031_tfce_corrp_tstat2.nii.gz),  I am not getting any color differences. Please see the attached file.

Please give your suggestion.