Dear FSL experts, 

Good morning.

I am trying FSLnets with matlab 2016b. 

I read the instruction for FSLnets with matlab but there are some errors and steps were finished. 

The error is below

Undefined function or variable 'grotx'.

Error in nets_spectra (line 76)
  plot(grotx); % grid on;

Error in my_nets (line 27)
ts_spectra=nets_spectra(ts);   % have a look at mean timeseries spectra

What do I have to check for the error?

I also tried FSLnets with octave when I could not understand the error with matlab but another error with octave was appeared. 

The error is below. 

warning: addpath: /etc/matlab: No such file or directory
warning: called from
    my_nets at line 13 column 30
error: load: unable to determine file format of 'dr_stage1_subject00000.txt'
error: called from
    nets_load at line 56 column 10
    my_nets at line 25 column 3

I am wondering that which way is easy for correcting error and do FSLnets. matlab or octave?

I appreciate your concern.

Best regard,

Kim from South Korea.