I am currently carrying out the pre-processing of the fMRI data (FSL_Example Data) from the web site ( following the video of Andrew Jahn "FSL Tutorial 2: FEAT (Part 2)" (

In pre-processing of fMRI data, carried out using FEAT (fMRI Expert Analysis Tool) version 5.98, part of FSL (FMRIB's Software library), in the step 
Stats -> Full model setup -> EVs -> Basic Shape -> Custom (3 column format), I added the text file FSL_TapLeft_1.txt from FSL_Exampledata -> FSL_Onsets.

by clicking on the  FSL_TapLeft_1.txt open with windows7 bloc notes and I get : 
46.569 15 1125.569 15 1201.569 15 1278.569 15 1

but when I used the command "vi FSL_TapLeft_1.txt" from the command windows (neurodebian VM command windows)  I get :
46.569 15 1
125.569 15 1
201.569 15 1
278.569 15 1

Now, I am workings on another data and I want to create a .txt file to put in it the onset of each condition and how long it lasted, so that I can use it in the step (Basic Shape -> Custom (3 column format)).

is it correct to just create  a .txt file and write:
Time onset of condition space how long it lasted space 1 and press enter, and so on.