Hi Xixi,

In the first part you have:

1) The cluster number; these are ranked in descending order by size (here, there is just one, the cluster 1)
2) The x,y,z coordinates of the centre of mass (here -7.97,-12.6,28.3)

In the second part, you have a discrimination of the gives the (average) probability of the cluster being a member of the each of the regions of the atlas (this probability is the same given by atlasquery, that is, averaged over all voxels within the cluster).

Hope this helps.

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Dear Anderson

Many thanks! You are always quite helpful.

I have been able to get the atlas output and I have one more questions: how to interpret the meaning of the numbers in yellow and in green in the following output.


Structures to which each center of mass belongs to:
1,-7.97,-12.6,28.3,JHU ICBM-DTI-81 White-Matter Labels,Body of corpus callosum
Structures to which each cluster belongs to:

Cluster #1
Genu of corpus callosum:2.77612
Body of corpus callosum:9.45522

Many thanks in advance!!

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Hi Xixi,

The command "autoaq" (automatic atlas queries) can be used for this. Use 0.95.

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Dear experts

I have got some results after TBSS randomise and would like to see which are the clusters showing significance (p < 0.05)

Based on 'Cluster' webpage, I got the values of clusters in size order, but how could I get the names (atlas) of the clusters? Is there anyway to output the names (atlas) of the clusters and the values, etc.

Besides, when I run the command:
cluster --in=<filename> --thresh=<value>
is it correct if I put 0.05 as the thresh value? Or should I put 0.95 based on TBSS commands?

Many thanks in advance!

Best wishes