That is strange, as this is an error arising because oxford_asl is internally calling ‘fabber’ with an option is doesn’t recognise, which implies some incompatibility in your installation. Are you using a vanilla FSL release? An imperfect solution, that you might want to try either way, is to use the pre-release of the updated version, available via the BASIL page of the FSL wiki.


On 19 Aug 2017, at 12:01, Archana Malagi <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Dear FSL experts,

I am facing problem in processing asl data using BASIL. ASL data was acquired using pseudo continuous ASL and GE machine directly gave tag-control image as output rather than ASL raw data. Following error ocurred when:
oxford_asl -i diffdata -o ex1_2 --tis 2.9 --bolus 1.4 --casl
Immediate cause of error:

An exception has been thrown
Runtime error:-
Unused arguments:
Trace: FABBER main(); FABBER main (outer).

Logfile was: /tmp/fsl_XXTGhR_ox_asl/basil/step1/logfile
Cannot open volume /tmp/fsl_XXTGhR_ox_asl/basil/step1/mean_ftiss for reading!
Cannot open volume /tmp/fsl_XXTGhR_ox_asl/basil/step1/mean_delttiss for reading!
Output is ex1_2/
OXFORD_ASL - done.

Please help.

Thank you,
Archana V. Malagi,
PhD Scholar,
Centre for Biomedical Engineering,
IIT Delhi-110 016

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