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Who said we don't? It is possible to do partial volume correction to the
images that go into randomise. In fact, Doug Greve has recently published a
paper <> on this
topic, that revises and compares various methods. Most are compatible with

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> Dear FSL experts,
> I have two groups of PET images. I registered these images to MNI152 then
> I merged these images together using "fslmerge". I created a design matrix
> for a group comparison between the groups. Then I ran randomise with 5000
> permutations and TFCE.
> My questions is about partial volume effects PVE.
> In this type of analysis do you correct for PVE? Specifically how this can
> be handled in Randomise?
> Recently, I read about PVE in PET Surfer https://surfer.nmr.mgh.
> and I am a bit confused about the fact why
> in surface based analyses we need to correct for PVE and while in a group
> comparison analysis using randomise we don't do it.
> I appreciate any clarification.
> Looking forward to learn from you
> Thanks
> Jon