Dear all,

This is an invitation to register for eight upcoming London workshops and 
hands-on workshops in early September.

These introductory workshops are designed to cover the entire process of 
research and evaluation, from start to finish. In practice, you will be 
able to provide your training programmes or events, public engagement 
activities, or your general provision of services with invaluable insights 
to create, change or meet strategic objectives. A particular focus is given 
to using quantitative evaluation methods and statistical analysis, in order 
to make your findings more robust

The workshop series will help you address the following:

- How do I collect the "right" information"? (Overall methods)
- How do I ask the "right" questions? (Survey/questionnaire design)
- How do I understand the information I collect? (Analysis & Reporting)

The hands-on workshops are focused on questionnaire design and quantitative 
data analysis and reporting. They are for people who wish to put their 
training into action with the guidance from expert trainers. 

The early bird discount for our hands-on workshops ends on the 16th of 
August. Book by then for 10% discount.

More information about the workshops is available at:

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Methods for Change

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*"Practitioner focused workshops designed to empower you and your 
organisation on the best evaluation and research techniques available."*

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*Upcoming Workshops:*
*Conduct a Successful Evaluation*Featuring speakers from
University of Warwick & University of California

Gentle Introduction to Quantitative Evaluation

How do you know what to measure and how? What can quantitative evaluation 
offer you when you are trying to understand what is working? This workshop 
helps you decide how to evaluate your project, programme or activity using 
quantitative methods.

5 September 2017

Gentle Introduction to Survey Design for Evaluation

You must ask the right survey questions to gather accurate, relevant data. 
This workshop introduces survey design for evaluation and provides 
friendly, practical guidance to help you avoid common pitfalls and improve 
your survey-based evaluations.

5 September 2017

How to Evaluate Long-Term Impact with Questionnaires

How can you know whether your programme, activity or event is making a 
lasting difference in people’s lives? This is one of the most challenging 
types of evaluation to design and conduct. This workshop will equip you for 
this challenge with practical guidance about how you can establish robust 
long-term impact evaluation using surveys.

6 September 2017

Accurately Quantify Open-Ended Evaluation Data

You may find you have open-ended data from survey responses and other data 
sources. By the end of the workshop, you will have a practical plan for 
your open-ended data, using the long-established method of content analysis 
or more contemporary automated tools that have become increasingly low cost 
(or free!) and widely available.

7 September 2017

Introduction to Statistical Analysis for Evaluation (SPSS & R)

Quantitative evaluations often rely on overly simplistic analysis. This 
workshop opens the door to using appropriate statistics to analyse and 
report on your data with an initial introduction to using statistical 
analysis software for evaluation for people with no or minimal training in 

8 September 2017

Workshop Series: Conduct a Successful Evaluation

The series of workshops provides an introduction to using quantitative 
evaluation and statistical analysis in survey data. Learn to use both 
long-established methods and contemporary low-cost automated tools for 
analysis. Use this option to save 10% while booking the whole series of 

*Save 10% by booking a workshop set!*

Hands-on: Designing Questionnaires for Evaluation

This workshop enables you to develop your evaluation questions in a 
supportive setting with expert guidance. It also addresses 
questionnaire-related concerns and challenges you bring. The workshop is 
for people who have already attended survey design training and wish to put 
their previous training into action.

11 September 2017

Hands-on: Developing and Reporting Quantitative Analysis

Book this workshop if you have already attended quantitative analysis 
training and are ready to put your training into practice. This ‘hands-on’ 
workshop enables your analysis of your existing data with guidance by 
expert trainers with vast experience.

12 September 2017

Dr Eric Jensen

Dr Eric Jensen (Dept. of Sociology, University of Warwick) is a world 
leading social scientist, specialising in evaluation research. Dr Jensen 
holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Cambridge. He is the author 
of *Doing Real Research: A Practical Guide to Social Research (SAGE).* 
[image: Benjamin Smith]
Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith is a researcher at the University of California-Santa 
Barbara's Department of Communication and Orfalea Center for Global & 
International Studies. He is an experienced social research expert, 
specialising in quantitative methods, marketing and market research. He has 
consulted as a statistics expert on numerous evaluations including the 
Manchester Science Festival in the UK.
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