To whom it may concern, I have recently discovered that I've been a victim of crime  although it appears the act's ( Mischiefs' ) Occurred some time ago 26/10/2015 - 15/03/2016. The mischief's consisted of two main elements firstly gaining access to my resident and secondly removing and replacing the RAM and internal Hard Drive of my computer terminal ( laptop. )
This has only just come to light over recent day's and as i am a member of BCS and CAS i thought is only right to inform you of a possible scam to use these components along with the matching systems ( ios ) product code to obtain credit electronically. I have informed the manufacture's ( DELL ) and am in the misted of communicating these issues with the Essex police commissioner's office. This has left me upset and worried about my identity and also my art that was in part stored on the internal hard drive. Do you have any further advice regarding these issue's?

Kind regards

         Mr Jason Craig Sadler

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