Subject: Re: Reports of B-double and other HCV safety performance
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Hi Alejandra,

You may find that not one size B double fits all as no country is the same
Having had the experience of specifying many different trucks in various
continents to suit local governments you may find your self well placed by
not being greedy on length initially, but generous on safety features and
procedures to mitigate introduction risk.
When the late Anders Lundstrom and myself lobbied the government in
Malaysia  for the B double introduction we struck the same obstacle i.e
length on safety , initially authorities only allowed a 18 meter b double
in 2009 which grew up in length to 24 meters today.
Various independent studies then showed that for  productivity, safety,
bridge protection and environmental reasons greater length was the way
What really struck was that the nimble 6x2 B double was much more flexible
and productive than it's 4 axle quad cousin and added up to 20 % increase
in  productivity with a superior turning circle in tight traffic
Introduction of B double Driver training, brake testing, setting speed
limiters,  EBS,  ESP Stability Control, can routers, Disk Brakes, retarders
and compliance to i.e UN-ECE , PBS standards will all help and should be
mandatory to have a safe combination outcome  regardless of length. Once
the safety is proven the additional vehicle length will come over time.
Here in NZ we are still working to get a simple 0.5 meters from 23 M to
23.5 meters for logging trucks. The Malaysian B double concept has proven
safe to date like it's Australian and NZ cousins with millions of km's
under it's belt in dense traffic despite all harsh critics at the time.
Some photos attached of the initial test prototype .

With Kind Regards

Alfons Reitsma

On 1 July 2017 at 13:01, Alejandra Efron <[log in to unmask]>

> Hi all,
> almost ready to launch in Argentina as a whole, I need your help asap to
> counterattack those who still state B-doubles are unsafe because of their
> length.
> I need a few reports like the one from Australian NTI, where it shows
> exactly the opposite, and actually states that the B-doubles continue to be
> the best performer from a loss and safety perspective (page 20 of the last
> report)
> It can be any HCV and the bigger the better actually. and the more visual
> the better as well.
> Thanks
> Ale
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