This is an interesting one for us here due to the small number of hedges this may apply to. Taking the lead from the Countryside hedgerows: protection and management guidance, internally we use the following:


In terms of the historic environment, a hedgerow is considered important if it is at least 30 years old and meets one of the following criteria:

·       marks all or part of a parish boundary that existed before 1850;

·       contains an archaeological feature such as a scheduled monument;

·       is completely or partly in or next to an archaeological site listed on the Historic Environment Record (HER), (formerly the Sites and Monuments Record);

·       marks the boundary of an estate or manor or looks to be related to any building or other feature that’s part of the estate or manor that existed before 1600;

·       is part of a field system or looks to be related to any building or other feature associated with the field system that existed before the Inclosure Acts (that is before 1865).

Happy to be corrected/advised otherwise.


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Subject: Re: Hedgerows and conditions


We had a condition on a small length of hedge that was being destroyed a part of a pipeline route, as fully record the species and any associated earthworks within the hedge.




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Subject: Hedgerows and conditions


Hi all,


Does anyone have any experience about the use of conditions to protect historic hedgerows. They should be covered under the hedgerow regs, but just enquiring whether people have used conditions in addition or instead to preserve hedgerows?






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