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Location: US1.01 Harvard Theatre, University of East London, University Square Stratford
Date and time: 5-7pm Wednesday, June 7th 2017 

Dialogues in Diasporic Culture is an experimental dialogue based on vignettes, stories, sounds, images and analysis from Helen Kim’s ethnography on British South Asian club scenes and Malcolm James’ ethnography on Urban Multiculture.

This performance, acted out over 6 scenes, is designed to provide a contextual and globally connected understanding of the different rhythms of diasporic culture as they manifested in and between the two ethnographies. By placing two ethnographies in dialogue, the performance makes a critical intervention into understandings of the ethnographic ‘field’ (as bounded) and the ethnographic ‘study’ (as discrete, authoritative, and intellectually owned - monographed). In contrast, we are asking that the ethnography be understood as poetics: that is motifs, relations, spaces, ambiguities, partialities, errantries, ruptures and allegories of everyday life; and in this way, that they question how ethnographies enact a ruse of power to overcome and control these.  

Framed through a political commitment to diaspora, this performance is designed to open up previously hidden analytic angles for our ethnographic work and in so doing provide a more connected and human engagement with everyday global cultures and academic labour. Our interlocutors are post-colonial, feminist and queer scholars on diasporic culture, and you. As we move between scales, locations, media and times, you will be drawn into this dialogue. Far from asking you to sit on your hands and passively observe, we request that you contribute.

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Helen Kim and Malcolm James

UEL Sociology and Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies 

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