Dear all,

I would like to remind you that only 12 days are left to the deadline for 10
paid PhD positions in “Urban Studies and Regional Science” at the Gran
Sasso Science Institute (l'Aquila, Italy).

The methodological perspective in research and teaching is
multidisciplinary. Approaches, methods and topics from diverse fields that
constitute “urban studies”, such as human geography, spatial planning,
urbanism, urban politics and policies, urban sociology and ethnography, are
welcomed. In the same vein, we welcome applications from candidates more
oriented towards regional science, such as economic geographers or
economists, for instance.

The position is full-time, for three years, starting November 2017.



SCHOLARSHIP, FACILITIES AND BENEFITS: The yearly amount of the scholarship
is of € 16.159,91 gross. All PhD students will have: tuition fees waived;
free accommodation at the GSSI facilities or a financial substitute of
350,00 Euros gross/month; free luncheon vouchers.

Best regards,


Francesco Chiodelli

Gran Sasso Science Institute
viale Francesco Crispi 7, L'Aquila (Italy)

mob  +39 328 9528130
skype  francesco.chiodelli
Website <> ; Researchgate
<> ; Academia

NEW PAPER! Planning, pluralism and religious diversity: Critically
reconsidering the spatial regulation of mosques in Italy starting from a
much debated law in the Lombardy region, *Cities*, 2017, vol. 62: 62–70
(with S. Moroni). Free access here

NEW SPECIAL ISSUE! Formal Institutions and the Production of Informal Urban
Spaces, *Geography Research Forum*, 36, 2016 (with E. Tzfadia). Free access
here <>.

NEW BOOK! Shaping Jerusalem. Spatial planning, politics and the conflict
(Routledge, 2017)


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