Dear all,

following Pierre's suggestion I tried to use the non-linear symmetric MNI template 2009c to check for homotopic activations in L/R hemispheres in a fMRI experiment with typical adults.
(more details here:

I used the segmentation batch in SPM12 and I used 3 TPM (the MNI template 2009c template provides only 3 TPM in fact: gm, wm, csf). I selected save bias corrected and forward+inverse deformations fields. All the rest kept as default. However the segmentation crashed showing the errors you can see below.

Many of these warnings while running:
Warning: Matrix is singular, close to singular or badly scaled. Results may be inaccurate. RCOND = NaN. 
> In expm>PadeApproximantOfDegree at 113
  In expm at 37
  In spm_maff8>P2M at 328
  In spm_maff8>affreg at 282
  In spm_maff8 at 26
  In spm_preproc_run>run_job at 107
  In spm_preproc_run at 41
  In spm_cfg_preproc8>spm_local_preproc_run at 417
  In matlabbatch\private\cfg_run_cm at 29
  In cfg_util>local_runcj at 1688
  In cfg_util at 959
  In cfg_ui>MenuFileRun_Callback at 703
  In gui_mainfcn at 95
  In cfg_ui at 53

And in the end:
Failed  'Segment'
Error using schur
Input to SCHUR must not contain NaN or Inf.
In file "C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2014a_64\toolbox\matlab\matfun\sqrtm.m" (???), function "sqrtm" at line 32.
In file "C:\toolbox\spm12\spm_maff8.m" (v6421), function "M2P" at line 293.
In file "C:\toolbox\spm12\spm_maff8.m" (v6421), function "affreg" at line 120.
In file "C:\toolbox\spm12\spm_maff8.m" (v6421), function "spm_maff8" at line 26.
In file "C:\toolbox\spm12\spm_preproc_run.m" (v6365), function "run_job" at line 108.
In file "C:\toolbox\spm12\spm_preproc_run.m" (v6365), function "spm_preproc_run" at line 41.
In file "C:\toolbox\spm12\config\spm_cfg_preproc8.m" (v6148), function "spm_local_preproc_run" at line 417.

Has anyone tried it out already? Does anyone have any idea of why it might crash?

Many thanks and best,