Dear Mike and all,

Had the same question now.

Calling cat12 like this in MATLAB


solves it. Though it may depend on the version you are using - 
definitely works for version r1092.



On 22/09/2016 19:23, Angstadt, Mike wrote:
> Alright, nevermind. Had to enable expert mode in cat_defaults.m to get the CSF option to show up, though it seems weird that without that enabled even manually setting the fields didn't work, especially since it's labeled as expertgui, so I assumed it did not affect the underlying processing but just the GUI interface.
> -Mike
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>> As a follow-up, I ran the job anyway with the error message about No field(s) named CSF to see if it works, as a call to
>> cat_get_defaults() returns a structure that has a CSF field in outputs, so I was hoping it would use it despite the message.
>> Unfortunately it still doesn't write out the CSF image.
>> -Mike
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>>> Subject: CAT12 CSF question
>>> How do I get CAT12 to output CSF images during segmentation?
>>> Previously with VBM8 it was included as a tissue type under the
>>> Writing Options section of the batch job, with options to output native, modulated normalized, and DARTEL. In CAT12, there are only
>> GM and WM options there, not CSF.
>>> I tried just manually adding it to the job in the way that it is for the other tissue types (and the way it was in VBM8):
>>> matlabbatch{1};
>>> But the job manager just complains:
>>> Item output: No field(s) named
>>> CSF
>>> A search of the mailing list hasn't turned up an answer, though if I've just missed one please point me towards it.
>>> -Mike
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