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Some great ideas already, but as you mentioned the studio idea I wondered if you had considered making it a ‘One Button Studio’


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Dear colleagues,


greetings again from Sydney. An interesting opportunity arose from a discussion we are currently having in our Faculty about 'space' and in particular spaces that can be used by  our students under the (still) ill defined concept  of students as co-creators of learning So, here is the story. It appears that in one of our buildings which will be a busy student and staff area there is a room  which we can use to do something 'innovative'  under the concept that I mentioned (students as co-creators). IT's not a big room, more like a room where we can accommodate around 6-8 students but can be open, semi open, we can make all surrounded walls look like  whiteboards or  add touchscreens (of any type). I am looking to create a few user scenarios. Some people suggested to call it a studio and use it for creating short digital artifacts with the students as part of their assessments, others mentioned to use it as a brainstorm room where students can come and work in several student-led or maybe academic-led ideas generation (e.g. work on a project or perhaps call students for a learning design session to help us with forming new curricula). IT's not a huge room and it's in the middle of a busy space where lots of informal spaces like pods and booths will exist. 


So, I am calling SEDA and its innovative members to share with me any ideas or perhaps any links to  photos of existing spaces that could potentially help us make a good decision. 


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