Hi James

Some years ago I worked with colleagues on a publication called "Developing capability in the university" see  http://sdf.ac.uk/cms/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/developing-capability.pdf. It aimed to set out for a non-specialist audience the choices, intentional or otherwise, that can be made about the way development is defined, located, organised, financed, and so on. I think it arose from a sense that staff / educational development  in universities  has always been subject to frequent re-organisation, often without an apparent awareness of the consequences of choices made.  It's obviously dated in some ways (published in 2006) but perhaps parts of it may still be useful in convincing non-specialist decision-makers.

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Recently published:

Blackmore, P. (2016) Why research trumps teaching and what can be done about it, in Blackmore, P., Blackwell, R. and Edmondson, M. Tackling wicked issues: Prestige and employment outcomes in the Teaching Excellence Framework. London: HEPI.

Blackmore, P. (2016) Prestige in academic life: Excellence and exclusion, Abingdon: Routledge.

Blackmore, P. (2016) The role of prestige in UK universities: Vice-chancellors' perspectives. London: Leadership Foundation for Higher Education. http://www.lfhe.ac.uk/en/research-resources/research-hub/2016-research/the-role-of-prestige-in-uk-universities-vicechancellors-perspectives.cfm

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Subject: Location of Academic Development Centre
Dear all,

Internally we are discussing possible locations for our academic development centre. Various places has been mentioned... library, IT Services, a building close to the administration block etc. 

I would appreciate if you could share with me information about the location of your academic development centre. 

I am also interested to learn about the physical layout of the centre. In addition to offices for permanent staff at the centre, do you offer 'hot desking' for temporary academic developers? Do you have dedicated learning spaces for workshops or do you make use of learning spaces which are also used for student teaching? Any advice will be welcome.


James Cilia
University of Malta