Dear Steven

Some years ago I led a National teaching Fellowship project looking at alternatives to traditional assessment ( other than dissertations, exams and essays) at Masters level and you might be interested in looking at some of the outcomes

Probably the most useful is Brown, S., the Assimilate project team (2012) A compendium of examples of innovative assessment at Masters level​ (a PDF i​s enclosed) which has lots of examples of alternative forms of assessment other than dissertations

Other associated works include;

Brown, S. with Deignan, T., Race, P. and Priestley, J.  ‘Assessing students at Masters Level: learning points for Educational Developers’ in Educational Developments, the Staff and Educational development magazine, September 2012 issue 13.3

Brown, S., 2012. Diverse and innovative assessment at Masters Level: alternatives to conventional written assignments. AISHE-J: The All Ireland Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education4(2), p.85.

Brown, S., 2014. What are the perceived differences between assessing at Masters level and undergraduate level assessment? Some findings from an NTFS-funded project. Innovations in Education and Teaching International51(3), pp.265-276.

Deignan, T. Brown, S and Priestley, J.  (2015) "Educator perspectives on the use of alternative assessment methods within taught Masters programmes: an exploratory study using activity theory and Q methodology" Educational Review

I hope you find something here useful
Best wishes
Sally Brown
Chair of the Association of National Teaching Fellows
Emerita Professor, Leeds Beckett University
Visiting Professor at University of Plymouth, Liverpool John Moores University and University of South Wales

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Subject: master thesis in one-year programs

Dear all,


We notice that students following a one-year master program (60 ECTS) have difficulties finishing their master thesis in time, taking into account that it has to be of a sufficiently high academic level. Our programs try to cope with this problem by for example accelerating the choosing of a master thesis subject. This allows students to immediately start working at their master thesis from the first weeks of the academic year on.


We are now looking for alternative solutions to make it possible for students to deliver a decent master thesis on time (i.e. within the scope of a one-year master program). Has anyone addressed this issue at their institution, experienced with alternative forms for the master thesis to cope with this problem and/or encountered any literature on the topic that might give inspiration?


Many thanks in advance.

Steven Huyghe



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