Hi Christine,

A definite caution around exclusion - there's potential for direct disability discrimination or discrimination arising from a disability here.

From experience my advice would be working with the student themselves - it's about making them aware of expectations around their behaviour within that setting and exploring any support they may need to continue to be included in the teaching and learning environment.  An awareness raising session for students (and staff) is always useful to aid understanding of difference and to create a more inclusive environment. I can think of a particular student I've worked with and who would always shout out in committee meetings etc. We used simple strategies like getting him to write down the things he was burning to say and getting him to recognise appropriate times within which to say them. Hope that's of some use.

I look forward to seeing your collated responses.

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Subject: Being inclusive but how far do we adjust?

Dear all
I have been contacted by a concerned academic colleague with an issue and am posting here for your helpful thoughts and/or advices- if you wish to reply off list I will collate the responses and share with anyone interested- thanks

The colleague has a student who is autistic in his cohort. This manifests in e.g. the student speaking out irregularly such as in the middle of a lecture. Other students (and the lecturer) are finding this distracting and lose concentration and students have complained they cannot hear the lecturer. The lecturer is reluctant to exclude the student and (say) record the lecture for the student to watch. He worries it will isolate the student. Yet the lecturer has also to be mindful for the experience and learning of other students.
Are there experiences that any of you know and can share that are similar to this and what was done ?
Thanks so much
Dr Christine Smith

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