I am not sure that I would wish to "teach" anything, though it might be a good opportunity for a flipped lecture of the kind that requires some online study and tests beforehand.  I am tempted to suggest that I would spend the time in small groups, getting the attendees to consider the issue of what shoud be in the syllabus of a short course for new lecturers...

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Hello colleagues,


Last week I was at the SEDA spring conference in Manchester. I attended Pam Parker’s thought-provoking session on conceptualising ‘teaching excellence’, during which I shared the following vignette:


“We’re about to make some structural changes to our PgC LTHE. I was chatting about this to a colleague [a lecturer in broadcast journalism], who said to me, ‘Imagine that instead of being eighteen months long, you needed to deliver your whole programme in one hour. What topics would you teach? What would be on your syllabus?’ I sat and thought about this for about ten minutes, before replying that I would spend half an hour on x and half an hour on y.”


I thought that this was a useful question. Now, I’m not going to reveal my x and y to you, because after the session Steve Outram suggested that I put the same question to the whole community, and then offer a write-up of your responses to Educational Developments.


An excellent idea! Here, then, is a one-question survey which invites you to share the topics you would place on the syllabus of a one-hour PGCAP. I look forward to reading your responses (for which thanks in advance).


All best,




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