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Prior to the publication of TEF assessments in June, we would like to announce the publication of a TEF special edition in our open access journal Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching. A table of contents is listed below and you can access individual articles or the whole pdf from These opinion pieces review the value of the TEF and examine common concerns such as the chosen metrics and viability of the framework.

While the direct link between the TEF and tuition fees has been stalled, and several other changes have been put forward by the House of Lords, the areas of discussion raised in this edition continue to be relevant and important points of consideration. We would like to thank all our authors for helping us to create such a topical and vibrant issue and hope you enjoy reading the articles. We would be happy to publish any articles written in response to the Special Edition in our next Issue so we can keep alive fruitful critical discussion of teaching excellence and how to achieve it.

Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction - Simon Walker, Danielle Tran

Is the TEF a good idea - and will it work? Nick Hillman

Against the TEF: For Quality Learning - J M Moore

The Emperor has no clothes - Chris Rust

Quality teaching through openness and collaboration - an alternative to the TEF? Chrissi Nerantzi

TEF - Tiresomely Extraneous & Flawed? - James Derounian

Evidence does not support the rationale of the TEF - Graham Gibbs

Recognising and Rewarding Teaching Excellence: an argument for authentic metrics - Sally Brown

The Teaching Excellence Framework: Perpetual Pedagogical Control in Postwelfare Capitalism - Conor Heaney, Hollie Mackenzie

TEF: why and how? Ideological and operational imperatives driving policy - Ian McNay

The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) : yet more competition - and on the wrong things!- Phil Race

Students as consumers? There is a potential alternative... - Samuel Grogan

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