Dear list

This all reminds me of my favourite Zen saying: 'the most important 
thing is to find out the most important thing'.

Probably the best advice I ever had, from an old hand in this field, was 
'they generally need help getting started, and they usually need help 
finishing. Make sure it's them doing the middle bit'.

If you look at those two long enough, they become virtually the same 
idea, in this context;)

So (I've already filled in the survey but here goes), if we had an hour, 
I'd get them thinking on why it mattered to think about the learning 
they are supporting, and what's possible. Once you've blown the doors 
off the sense of possibility, they can go and hunt/inquire, then frame 
it to bring one idea or change into sharper focus by the end.

Nothing is as convincing as a sense of achievement so if they leave with 
something, they know they can do it again.

my 2 cents.